Water Damage Restoration

There are several ways you could wind up with water damage in your home. Inside your home, a pipe could burst, a toilet or washing machine could overflow or something else could happen. Water damage could also occur from the outside, too, if a flood happens or if your roof is damaged during a storm. Whatever the cause of your water damage, you need to make sure it is cleaned up properly to avoid further problems. Island Carpet & Tile Cleaning is a water damage specialist that can return your home to pristine condition. We are a family owned and operated business serving Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, Foley and other areas in Alabama, and we strive to provide excellent customer service.

Beyond cleaning up your home and restoring it to its previous condition, Island Carpet & Tile Cleaning water damage restoration service provides a number of other benefits. It will help to prevent mold and mildew and also will help maintain your home and protect your investment. Our cleanup and restoration services also save you time and energy.

When you hire Island Carpet & Tile Cleaning, you won’t have to worry about quality or safety. Our technicians are experienced, well-trained and professional, and they use equipment and cleaning solutions that are safe and superior.

If you have water damage to your home, call the experts at Island Carpet & Tile Cleaning. Our family owned and operated company serves Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, Foley and surrounding areas, and we focus on providing excellent customer service.

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